Get to Know Web Developer Jobs and Their Duties

Web developer job

The need to develop web-based applications or websites continues to increase. Currently, in Indonesia, there are many startups or software houses that provide a place or place for every software developer. Web developer is one of the jobs to create software that can run with the help of internet media.

This time, we will discuss about web developers and what tasks must be done related to application projects. If we talk about the web, of course the end product is a web-based application that can run on various devices. Both on desktop, mobile, and tablet devices.

What is a web developer

A web developer is a programmer who has the main task of creating programs or applications for the World Wide Web (WWW) and can be run with internet media. A web developer certainly knows how to create an application display from 0 to the testing stage.

Of course every element, feature, and function of the program code must also be understood by every developer. This job is certainly not that simple, it requires special skills in understanding algorithms, data structures, and databases from web programming languages ​​to be able to create optimal web app products.

Web developer job

Next, we will enter the topic of discussion regarding the tasks of web developers related to web-based software development. Within the web developer itself, it is still divided into several sections with different tasks. The following is an explanation for each task performed.

1. Front end developer

Front end developers are people who are responsible for creating and managing the external appearance of the software that can be accessed by the user (client-side). The task of this team is to implement the results of the initial design of the application design that has been made by the web designer team, and will be translated into a programming language.

A front end developer is required to master these three programming languages, namely HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. These three things are the initial foundation in compiling the appearance of the website so that it can be read by the browser.

If you have mastered these three things, you can further develop your skills by learning frameworks which are very helpful in compiling software development frameworks more efficiently and structured.

For now, the framework that is most often used by developers is the javascript framework, including Angular.Js, Vue.Js, React.Js, Ember.Js, and many others. In addition, some companies also require programmers to master Ajax and JQuery.

A professional front end developer, must prioritize making user friendly applications. Where, for the appearance of the user interface and user experience, it is very important for your clients or customers.

2. Backend developer

If the front end dev is in charge of creating the front end of the application, a backend developer has a different task from the front end. A backend developer is someone who is responsible for designing, compiling, creating, and managing server, application, and database (server-side) requirements.

So, backend developers have the main task of developing applications from within, or dealing with information and data from users. If you are interested in this job, make sure you have critical thinking skills and have strong logic.

For a novice backend developer, it is mandatory to master the PHP programming language, and for database needs it is SQL. If you have a more complex project with many features built, of course it will be easy to use a framework.

For now, the most widely used PHP frameworks by developers are CI (CodeIgniter) and Laravel. Equally important, most companies also have special criteria, where every programmer is able to coordinate between development teams using version control software, for example GIT, SVN, or CVS.

In making this website-based application product, a backend dev is required to always use program code that is neatly arranged, can be well documented, and is clean code (no duplication or plagiarism elements).

3. Full stack developer

The third task of a web developer is a full stack developer, namely someone who is responsible for making website application products, both from the front end and backend side.

So full stack developers have more tasks than the two tasks above. Where the developer must be able to work multi-functionally. Most full stack developers, usually will work like backend developers, but also understand and are experts in front end developers.

So, this full stack job requires someone to understand various programming languages from HTML to python. In addition, they must also be able to write APIs for server needs, and use Javascript for client needs.

How to become a professional web developer

How to become a professional web developer

The following are some tips and how to become a web developer according to the job qualifications required by startups and software houses.

1. Have knowledge and ability in the IT field

A web developer must have knowledge and skills related to programming languages. In addition, he also has an interest in the development of the world of technology, information and communication.

2. Think critically and be able to solve problems optimally

Furthermore, a programmer is also required to think critically, and be able to provide optimal solutions. Because, the project needs of the client will be very complex and different – different. Therefore, professional developers must be able to seek and find various alternative solutions in order to solve problems appropriately and quickly.

3. Able to work in a team and be responsible

Next, the ability to work together as a team is also very much needed to become a web developer. Even though you have qualified individual skills, the end result of the product you develop will be very different if you work with a team.

In addition, the product release time will tend to be faster if it is done in a team with good coordination. A responsible attitude is also very much needed so that every individual has enthusiasm and improves work professionalism.

4. Can work multitasking

And finally, can do more than one job. Of course, if you work in a company, you are required to be able to do various tasks simultaneously. This can happen, if your company gets projects from customers in large numbers.

Additional tools that can be learned

To support your skills in web programming, we have several recommended tools to increase your skills and insights related to website development.

1. GitHub


One platform that is quite popular for programmers is Github. These tools allow any developer to modify the front end and backend of the website without affecting the original program code. The way it works is to split the code into two separate locations, and only edit the clone to review the changes online.

2. Adobe Color

Adobe Color

This tool really allows you to determine various color schemes that can be applied to the appearance of the website later. A front end dev must master the arrangement of appropriate color elements. There is a color wheel tool feature that is used to apply a HEX code color to a certain color pattern.

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