5 Best Volleyball Games for Android

Currently, there are lots of sports that are starting to be implemented into an Android game by game developers, one of which is volleyball. For those of you who like to play volleyball, because of conditions that don’t allow you sometimes can’t play it in the real world.

For people who have regularly played volleyball, if they don’t play it for a day, it certainly feels like something is missing. However, from now on you don’t need to worry, because now there are many volleyball games that are no less exciting than games in the real world. Aturan permainan bola voli online is very easy to play.

By downloading one of the games that Sipitek will review this time, you can play it anywhere and anytime via an Android smartphone. So because of that, this time Codular will review some of the best volleyball games that can provide an exciting sensation that is not the same as playing volleyball in the real world.

However, each game certainly offers different features, so you can choose the game that is the most exciting and according to your taste, let’s take a look at all the reviews first.

The 5 Best Volleyball Games on Android

Volleyball Champions 3D

Did you know that of the many volleyball games on the Play Store, Volleyball Champions 3D is the most popular. It’s no wonder that many people like this game, because apart from being packed with 3D graphics, this game made by Giraffe Games Limited also offers a variety of interesting features.

Volleyball Champions 3D has several game modes for you to choose from, including a career mode and role-playing with a coach.

Not only that, besides being able to be played offline, this game which has been downloaded more than 10 million times can also be played online to compete with other players.

Even though in the matches we can only play 2 vs 2, Volleyball Champions 3D is also very exciting, this game even adds new arenas regularly, you know. You can also freely choose the arena that has been provided, including the beach volleyball arena.

Volleyball Championship

Looking for a volleyball game that can be played 6 vs 6? The volleyball Championship is the right game for you. This is because this game, which has been downloaded more than 1 million times, can be played by up to 12 people at once in one game, unlike beach volleyball.

This game, which is carried by Sirocco Mobile Sp, carries a fairly innovative, quality circle drag game mechanism, where you have to be able to take quick actions to control all the players on the field.

Not only that, but Volleyball Championship also provides three levels of difficulty that you can choose according to your wishes, so that matches can run in balance.

Interestingly, in this game, you don’t only play the role of a player, but you also act as a coach, where you can train other players to have good abilities.

Stickman Volleyball

Looking for an anti-mainstream volleyball game? Stickman Volleyball is a game that you must try. The reason is, in this game you will not play a human character, but a tiny and adorable character named Stickman who will compete in this game.

That said, if fun is your priority, this game from Djinnworks GmbH is also a must-consider. Stickman Volleyball provides four levels of difficulty that you can choose as you wish.

Not only that, this game which has been downloaded more than 1 million times also has 24 volleyball courts including on the beach and indoor.

You can also compete for a high score and be the first on the leaderboard which can be seen by all players from around the world.

Spike Masters Volleyball

Spike Masters Volleyball is a 6 vs 6 volleyball game which is quite exciting and tense. In this game, you are not only required to be able to design a precise attack strategy, but you also have to be able to survive enemy attacks.

The reason is, most of the enemies you face in this game have pretty hard punches.

Not only that, to win matches, you also have to study player positions and team rotations, so that cooperation between players can work well. Interestingly, in this game you can also make your own team shirt as you wish.

This game made by RMC SPEAR also provides a variety of interesting features, it’s just that to open the features that have been provided, you must first collect stars by winning tournaments or leagues that are held.

Volleyball Hangouts

Volleyball Hangout is a quite unique volleyball game, because the player characters in this game are not humans, but cute worms who will compete in the game.

Even so, if you rely more on fun, you should also consider this one game. This is because Volleyball Hangout provides several fun and entertaining game modes, including mirror and angry modes.

Tired of playing alone? no need to worry, because Volleyball Hangout provides a Bluetooth Multiplayer feature, with this feature you can play against friends in real-time without having to use an internet connection.

Want to Explore Mobile Applications, Recognize a Promising Profession

Recognize a Promising Profession

Since childhood, you have really liked technology and games, especially those in the form of mobile applications. Did you know that there are lots of promising jobs that you can choose from when learning about mobile apps? So many, it’s not impossible for you to be confused about dropping alternatives. Desire to Explore Mobile Applications, Recognize Promising Professions

UI/UX Designer

UI/UX Designer

The first profession is related to mobile visualization. Those of you who have been skilled at drawing or making visual formats since childhood should consider this job. Profession as a UI/UX designer in recent years is really needed by the company.

What is the main job that a UI/UX designer does? Their job is to design applications that are user friendly, modern and sophisticated. The goal is that application users not only feel interested but also entertained when carrying out the application.

IT Consultant

IT Consultant

The second profession that can guide you to success is IT consultant, especially in the field of mobile applications. It’s no secret that most of the people who work in mobile-based application companies are IT graduates.

Why? Because this company requires a lot of IT personnel who understand well the method of implementing, managing and maintaining applications. Without expert IT staff, it is possible that the application that the company develops is difficult for the audience to accept because it has various shortcomings.

Mobile App Developer

Mobile App Developer

Of the two jobs that we have mentioned, it could be that the mobile app developer job is the one most fresh graduates want. Being a mobile-based application developer is indeed very profitable, especially if your application is accepted by the audience with pleasure.

Increasingly international, there are a large number of truly successful and wealthy mobile application developers. Starting from game application developers, chat, social media and so on. Private companies and state-owned enterprises are also starting to need applications to reach the audience.

Software Tester

Software Tester

Have you ever heard of a software tester work before? Those who previously worked in smartphone application development companies may have tasted this work.

The existence of a software tester makes it easier for application or software development companies to recognize the weaknesses and strengths of their products. Professions have many weaknesses that disappear when the software tester gets better. Audiences who previously had no interest in downloading applications began to be moved and then carried out downloading.



And another promising job that mobile app graduates can do is entrepreneur. This profession promises profit and attractive working hours. Those of you who since the first time in college wanted to have their own business should try this job.

The challenge of being an entrepreneur is really big. You can also expand your business network by opening different business examples each year.

So, which job do you want to do when you graduate from college? Whatever work you do, try to do it well and wholeheartedly. Be a qualified mobile application developer or be a reliable software tester.

7 Apps For Building Android Apps

Android Apps

Applications that build Android applications are now strongly demanded by IT professionals to build offline Android applications without the use of the Internet. Android applications have been very helpful to many people in different disciplines. Different types can be used for different needs, from entertainment to business.

To date, Android applications are the most widely used applications in the global community. Although Android applications have many drawbacks, they are one of the applications that have many enthusiasts and are the most widely used compared to applications on other operating systems.

Some people think that building an Android application is very difficult and can only be done by an expert, but it’s basically true, but not entirely true. Amateurs in the programming world are not necessarily bad at creating Android applications.

In fact, Android applications can be created online or offline. However, this article will show you how to use it to create an Android application that can be used offline. Here are some applications you can use to create Android applications offline:

Aplikasi Android Studio

Android Studio is one of the Android application building applications used for application development on Android. Android Studio is very useful for developing Android applications. Android Studio has many features that can help speed up the development process.

Android Studio is the official Google integrated development environment or IDE designed specifically for Android development. Android Studio is one of the most widely used tools in the development process.

Android Studio helps you quickly edit code, debug, and test your app. Various existing features help developers create high quality applications. Here are some of the benefits of Android Studio:

Instant run

Instant run is arguably one of the most important and important features. This feature speeds up the application development process. Instant Run allows you to push code changes without creating a new APK

Intelligence Code Editor

This feature is very useful for writing better, faster, and more concise code. The smart code editor feature helps developers analyze their code and provide code suggestions in the form of drop-down lists for use in autocomplete systems.

Fast and Feature-rich Emulator

Android Studio provides an emulator that works fine. With this feature in Android Studio, you can quickly test a variety of Android devices such as mobile devices, tablets and smart TVs. You can also simulate various features of your application. B. GPS position tracking, motion sensor, etc.

Layout Editor

The layout editor can support the layout creation process quickly and efficiently. This feature allows you to easily drag UI elements into the Visual Theme Editor without having to manually create the XML layout. This feature is very useful not only for Android devices, but also for showing how your design will look on different screen size versions.

Eclipse app

Eclipse is one of the applications for building Android applications. Eclipse was originally developed by IBM to replace the IBM Visualage for Java 4.0 software. Eclipse was introduced by IBM on November 5, 2001.

Eclipse is an integrated development environment or IDE. The main function of Eclipse is to develop Java applications, but now you can use Eclipse to develop applications in programming languages ​​via media plugins.

In addition, you can use this Eclipse software to develop Android applications. This requires additional developer tools such as Eclipse Java JDT for Java and Scala. Eclipse CDT for C / C ++, Eclipse PDT for PHP, upcoming Eclipse ADT for Android and more. Below are some properties of Eclipse.


The main advantage of Java is that it runs on almost any platform / computer operating system and can be run anywhere with a single write. With this advantage, all you need to do is program to create a Java program, which is compiled or translated from a human-understandable language into machine language, and the results run on multiple platforms without modification.


While Eclipse was developed using the Java programming language, Eclipse supports the development of programming language-based applications such as c / C ++, Cobol, Python, Peri, and PHP.


As an IDE for application development. Eclipse can be used for software development cycle activities such as documentation, software testing, and web development.

Apache Cordova app

The next offline Android application is Apache Cordova. Apache Cordova actually started with PhoneGap and the project was handed over to Apache Software. Well, apart from programming languages ​​that can use multiple programming languages, there are also the main advantages of Apache Cordova.

Apache Cordova has a multi-platform system that allows you to create mobile applications, which can generally be used or installed on multiple operating systems, including Apple’s iOS, Windows Phone’s Windows, and SmartPhone’s Android. Apache Cordova provides developers with some interesting features such as:


You can build mobile-based applications on multiple types of smartphone operating systems, but many application developers don’t have this feature, but Apache Cordova has multi-platform features. If you use Apache Cordova to create an application for Android, you might think that the application runs only on Android. However, its multi-platform capabilities allow applications to run on any operating system. Apache Cordova’s capabilities make it easy to build an application without having to worry about whether the application you are building supports an operating system.

Programming languages ​​HTML, CSS3, Javascript

If you’re using Android Studio, you don’t need to learn other programming languages ​​individually because you’re using a JavaScript programming language, but libraries are generally different from JavaScript, so you need to learn a programming language. I have. Use Android applications well.

Easy display setup

Apache Cordova makes it easier to customize the look and feel of your built application. Apache Cordova has CSS3 and an HTML programming language, so you can easily set images and icons. However, Apache Cordova also has some drawbacks, including:

  • The application you create can be reverse engineered. That is, the application you create can be edited by the user of the application.
  • Plugins are being developed by various contributors and may be discontinued.
  • The documentation for Apache Cordova applications is so sparse that it is difficult for developers to create documentation.
  • Hybrid apps can run longer than other native apps.

Adobe Flash application

Adobe Flash was originally known as Macromedia Flash. Adobe Flash is computer software and is the flagship product of Adobe Systems. Adobe Flash is used to create animated images and vector graphics.

The file generated by this application is a SWF file and can be played in a web browser with Adobe Flash Player installed. Flash is one of the programs used to create reliable animations compared to other programs due to the small file size of the animation results.

In fact, the main features of this Adobe Flash application are vector drawing and animation. However, after being acquired by Adobe System in December 2005, the application has been renamed and can also serve as an offline Android application building application for media creation and Android OS application development.

Unity app

Previously, the application used to create the Android application Unity was only available on MacOS, but since this application is already widely used on other types of operating systems such as Linux, Unity applications are multi-platform. Converted to software. The window is used.

In fact, Unity is a game engine because it acts as both the application and the software used to create and develop game-based applications in both 2D and 3D.

NetBeans app

NetBeans is an IDE used to develop applications using the Java C ++ programming language. PHP etc. The

NetBeans Application IDE is open source. Earlier, when I first learned Java, I used the IDE to develop desktop-based Java applications. Released by a well-known company, net Beans is an Oracle company. If you want to use the IDE, you need to install the JDK and JRE.

As with Eclipse and Android Studio, you can develop Android applications in the NetBeans IDE using the Java programming language.

If you want to learn and use NetBeans, you can download the application from the official NetBeans website.

Xamarin app

The next application for building Android applications is Xamarin. This is an application that actually works so that you can create cross-platform applications (Android, iOS, and Windows Phone). Use the programming language, C ++.

Xamarin applications are developed using the Xamarin IDE, which provides the highest quality for native Android or iOS applications. Xamarin applications are suitable for use by anyone familiar with the basics of C ++ programming.