5 Programming Languages in Website Development

Learning development pages can take a lot of time until you really understand it well. Before considering spending a lot of time, energy and money studying formally why not just learn the programming language?

5 Programming Languages ​​For Website Development


Before computerized marketing mushroomed as it is today, the term PHP had already gained global fame. PHP is a programming language that was born in 1994. Even though he is not young anymore, PHP is still used by many companies ranging from small to large-scale companies.

One of the reasons PHP is still popular is because its configuration methods are so flexible. PHP also supports a variety of website servers which means users can choose according to their needs. If it is inappropriate for website server A, it means that you can choose and apply website server B or others.


When working with a Jakarta computerization agency, they may introduce you to Java. What is Java and when was this programming language born? Java was first present since 1990 and adapts various orientations, one of which is open object oriented.

Java has many advantages, one of which is building desktop applications. Of the many programming languages, learning Java is a great start to building pages.


Building a page is not easy because it requires a lot of formulas and programs in it. When looking for a programming language, most people will remember Ruby.

Ruby is a programming language with a simple syntax structure. Internationally, the use of Ruby in the digitalization arena is quite high, especially to support third-party company technology. Not only does it offer a simple syntax, Ruby also carries an open source concept that makes it really user friendly.


Experts are used to implementing and processing high-level programming languages ​​to meet the computerized marketing needs of a company website. In contrast to the average beginner who uses HTML and CSS as the main programming language.

Why? Both programming languages ​​do not require much time and skill to master. The sections or attributes of HTML and CSS are also really simple but really useful for page development.


Except for Java, people also know JavaScript. JavaScript is a programming language that we can almost always get in a browser or page. The implementation of JavaScript is right on target to visually increase the attractiveness of games, mobile applications and pages.

Its multi-tasking performance makes companies interested in using it in various web-based programming projects. Another plus, JavaScript tends to apply less memory resources so it doesn’t increase the company’s budget.

Learning programming languages ​​is one of the technical practices that companies should go through when it comes to maximizing websites. Without understanding the programming language, it will be difficult for companies to work on development pages according to the nature and provisions of user-friendliness.

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