5 Best Volleyball Games for Android

Currently, there are lots of sports that are starting to be implemented into an Android game by game developers, one of which is volleyball. For those of you who like to play volleyball, because of conditions that don’t allow you sometimes can’t play it in the real world.

For people who have regularly played volleyball, if they don’t play it for a day, it certainly feels like something is missing. However, from now on you don’t need to worry, because now there are many volleyball games that are no less exciting than games in the real world. Aturan permainan bola voli online is very easy to play.

By downloading one of the games that Sipitek will review this time, you can play it anywhere and anytime via an Android smartphone. So because of that, this time Codular will review some of the best volleyball games that can provide an exciting sensation that is not the same as playing volleyball in the real world.

However, each game certainly offers different features, so you can choose the game that is the most exciting and according to your taste, let’s take a look at all the reviews first.

The 5 Best Volleyball Games on Android

Volleyball Champions 3D

Did you know that of the many volleyball games on the Play Store, Volleyball Champions 3D is the most popular. It’s no wonder that many people like this game, because apart from being packed with 3D graphics, this game made by Giraffe Games Limited also offers a variety of interesting features.

Volleyball Champions 3D has several game modes for you to choose from, including a career mode and role-playing with a coach.

Not only that, besides being able to be played offline, this game which has been downloaded more than 10 million times can also be played online to compete with other players.

Even though in the matches we can only play 2 vs 2, Volleyball Champions 3D is also very exciting, this game even adds new arenas regularly, you know. You can also freely choose the arena that has been provided, including the beach volleyball arena.

Volleyball Championship

Looking for a volleyball game that can be played 6 vs 6? The volleyball Championship is the right game for you. This is because this game, which has been downloaded more than 1 million times, can be played by up to 12 people at once in one game, unlike beach volleyball.

This game, which is carried by Sirocco Mobile Sp, carries a fairly innovative, quality circle drag game mechanism, where you have to be able to take quick actions to control all the players on the field.

Not only that, but Volleyball Championship also provides three levels of difficulty that you can choose according to your wishes, so that matches can run in balance.

Interestingly, in this game, you don’t only play the role of a player, but you also act as a coach, where you can train other players to have good abilities.

Stickman Volleyball

Looking for an anti-mainstream volleyball game? Stickman Volleyball is a game that you must try. The reason is, in this game you will not play a human character, but a tiny and adorable character named Stickman who will compete in this game.

That said, if fun is your priority, this game from Djinnworks GmbH is also a must-consider. Stickman Volleyball provides four levels of difficulty that you can choose as you wish.

Not only that, this game which has been downloaded more than 1 million times also has 24 volleyball courts including on the beach and indoor.

You can also compete for a high score and be the first on the leaderboard which can be seen by all players from around the world.

Spike Masters Volleyball

Spike Masters Volleyball is a 6 vs 6 volleyball game which is quite exciting and tense. In this game, you are not only required to be able to design a precise attack strategy, but you also have to be able to survive enemy attacks.

The reason is, most of the enemies you face in this game have pretty hard punches.

Not only that, to win matches, you also have to study player positions and team rotations, so that cooperation between players can work well. Interestingly, in this game you can also make your own team shirt as you wish.

This game made by RMC SPEAR also provides a variety of interesting features, it’s just that to open the features that have been provided, you must first collect stars by winning tournaments or leagues that are held.

Volleyball Hangouts

Volleyball Hangout is a quite unique volleyball game, because the player characters in this game are not humans, but cute worms who will compete in the game.

Even so, if you rely more on fun, you should also consider this one game. This is because Volleyball Hangout provides several fun and entertaining game modes, including mirror and angry modes.

Tired of playing alone? no need to worry, because Volleyball Hangout provides a Bluetooth Multiplayer feature, with this feature you can play against friends in real-time without having to use an internet connection.

Interesting! These Are The Best Game Engine For You As a Game Developer.

Best Game Engine

A game engine is a software-based engine or application commonly used by game developers to create interesting games. This game developer application has an architecture that allows developers to run games on their computers.

The average game engine has several features that allow developers to add physical movements, inputs, renderings, scripts, collision detection, artificial intelligence, and much more without coding. Provide.

In this article, you can learn about the best game engines that can use Web Apps to create interesting and intuitive games.

Why is The Game Enginee So Important?

The game engine has various components that can be reused to build the framework of the game. This allows game developers to focus on creating their own elements in the game they create, character models, textures, object interactions, etc.

With the specific game-building application, you can create great games without the hassle of repeatedly generating code. It’s also more efficient than building from scratch using traditional programming tools.


Unity is a multi-platform game engine that makes it easy for developers to create 3D game content. Many indie game developers use Unity for its great features, the ability to create high-quality content, and the features available in almost all types of games. Another great thing about Unity 5 is the Personal Edition, which is free for everyone.

Unity also includes a full-featured engine that can be used (in most cases) to create games on any platform. The downside is the Professional Edition, which has a lot of great tools, but you have to pay monthly. Features in this edition also include beta access, game performance reports, customizable splash screens, team licenses, and more.


AppGameKit is especially used for rapid application creation and can be shared across platforms. This cross-platform sharing system supports mobile game development and handles most platforms as follows:

  • iPhone dan iPad
  • Linux
  • Browser HTML5
  • Raspberry Pi
  • macOS
  • Windows
  • Android

The AppGameKit costs $ 79.99 and you have the option of bundling your base product with add-ons such as a visual editor to save money on both products.

You can find an example of a spectacular game with very high graphics and available on all platforms on situs slot gacor. This site is based on HTML5, which offers the best selection of games and can be reliably played on all devices.

Unreal Engine

One of the most popular and widely used applications for non-Unity game developers is Epic Games’ Unreal Engine. The original version of this software was released in 1998 and has grown rapidly over 17 years. So far, Unreal Engine has been used in some big games every year.

Several series of games are created with Unreal Engine are Gears of War, Mass Effect, Batman: Arkham , Bioshock. The power of Unreal Engine lies in the ability to modify the game to create a unique experience.

Godot Engine

Godot Engine is a great engine for creating 2D and 3D games. The Godot engine provides a very wide range of popular tools so you can focus on creating your game without having to create the components from scratch. The Godot engine is also free to use and is an MIT licensed open source engine. There are no license fees, subscription fees or commitments. You can develop anything through Godot.

The Godot engine has a community that fixes bugs and constantly develops new features. This active community helps you get good documentation. Godot also links to other internet hubs, so you can connect with Godot developers such as Reddit forums, Facebook groups, and Godot forums.

Frostbite Engine

EA Digital Illusions is a very well-known game company. He has released world-famous games like the FIFA and NFS series. The FIFA 21 game is written on the Frostbite Engine and has been well-received by FIFA game enthusiasts.

Frostbite was released in 2008. This engine is only for Electronic Arts titles and offerings, especially FPS shooters. This engine was developed by EADICE and FrostBite Labs. This engine can be detected and played on various consoles such as PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. Frostbite is designed as a cross-platform application that can also be used on Microsoft Windows.

Amazon Lumberyard

Amazon Lumberyard, as the name implies, is an Amazon machine. According to the website, Lumberyard is a free, powerful, and fully customizable engine. The game engine has no usage fees or fees and is well integrated with Twitch and AWS.

AWS stands for Amazon Web Services, a secure cloud platform developed and managed by Amazon.  Lumberyard integration means that you can easily create games by playing online. The only pitfall is that AWS services pay through Amazon. However, you can choose a plan (or do not include online games at all).

If you like  multiplayer games, Lumberyard has the tools to make it happen. There is a Lumberyard Getting Started video series that will help you understand and explain how to use the engine to create your first game prototype.

Want to Explore Mobile Applications, Recognize a Promising Profession

Recognize a Promising Profession

Since childhood, you have really liked technology and games, especially those in the form of mobile applications. Did you know that there are lots of promising jobs that you can choose from when learning about mobile apps? So many, it’s not impossible for you to be confused about dropping alternatives. Desire to Explore Mobile Applications, Recognize Promising Professions

UI/UX Designer

UI/UX Designer

The first profession is related to mobile visualization. Those of you who have been skilled at drawing or making visual formats since childhood should consider this job. Profession as a UI/UX designer in recent years is really needed by the company.

What is the main job that a UI/UX designer does? Their job is to design applications that are user friendly, modern and sophisticated. The goal is that application users not only feel interested but also entertained when carrying out the application.

IT Consultant

IT Consultant

The second profession that can guide you to success is IT consultant, especially in the field of mobile applications. It’s no secret that most of the people who work in mobile-based application companies are IT graduates.

Why? Because this company requires a lot of IT personnel who understand well the method of implementing, managing and maintaining applications. Without expert IT staff, it is possible that the application that the company develops is difficult for the audience to accept because it has various shortcomings.

Mobile App Developer

Mobile App Developer

Of the two jobs that we have mentioned, it could be that the mobile app developer job is the one most fresh graduates want. Being a mobile-based application developer is indeed very profitable, especially if your application is accepted by the audience with pleasure.

Increasingly international, there are a large number of truly successful and wealthy mobile application developers. Starting from game application developers, chat, social media and so on. Private companies and state-owned enterprises are also starting to need applications to reach the audience.

Software Tester

Software Tester

Have you ever heard of a software tester work before? Those who previously worked in smartphone application development companies may have tasted this work.

The existence of a software tester makes it easier for application or software development companies to recognize the weaknesses and strengths of their products. Professions have many weaknesses that disappear when the software tester gets better. Audiences who previously had no interest in downloading applications began to be moved and then carried out downloading.



And another promising job that mobile app graduates can do is entrepreneur. This profession promises profit and attractive working hours. Those of you who since the first time in college wanted to have their own business should try this job.

The challenge of being an entrepreneur is really big. You can also expand your business network by opening different business examples each year.

So, which job do you want to do when you graduate from college? Whatever work you do, try to do it well and wholeheartedly. Be a qualified mobile application developer or be a reliable software tester.

Why is Responsive Website Design Really Important?

Responsive Web Design

Responsive  web design helps solve many problems with your website. This makes your website mobile-friendly, improves its appearance on large and small screen devices, and increases the amount of time your visitors spend on your website. It also helps improve search engine rankings.

We live in a multi-screen society. For this reason, it’s important to be able to view your website on as many devices as free, because you don’t know which device someone is using to view your website.

Responsive website statistics show that you need to appeal to both desktop and mobile audiences. This is because the number of mobile users exceeds that of existing laptop users, and this number will continue to grow as smartphones become more globally accessible. Let’s take a closer look at each of these five benefits so you can learn more about why you invest in a responsive website.


Maintaining separate websites for mobile and non-mobile audiences can be costly. Responsive design can save you money by reducing the cost of your mobile website. You just need to invest in website design to attract all visitors and all devices.


If you have a responsive design website, you can make changes quickly and easily. You don’t have to worry about changing the two websites. This flexibility is a huge benefit if you just want to quickly change the design of your site or fix typos. You only have to do it once.

Improved User Experience

User experience is very important to website owners. You want people to like your website, and you want it easy to use to convince them to come back. If someone visits your website on your mobile device and it takes a long time to load or your image doesn’t have the right resolution, it can make your business look unprofessional.

No one wants to do business in a non-professional place. However, responsive design, which provides a much better user experience, helps people try out your business. Eliminating zooming and scrolling captures content faster and greatly enhances the overall impression of the visitor.

Benefits of Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization or SEO is a strategy used by many companies to improve their ranking on Google search pages. The closer you are to the top, the more likely your potential customers will find you.

Responsive design helps SEO because, as mentioned above, Google prefers mobile-friendly websites. Combined with other SEO factors, responsiveness that adapts quickly to your device can significantly improve search engine results.

Easy To Manage

Most businesses, especially small businesses, don’t have much time to update or update the appearance of their website. But with Responsive Design, you don’t have to hire a designer to handle every aspect of your website, and you can make changes quickly and easily.

In addition, having only one website makes it easier to manage the rest of the marketing elements. You don’t have to think about whether you need to link to social media updates from your mobile or desktop website, or whether all reference links are working to direct the right visitors to the right website. Responsive Web removes a lot of stress from managing your business website.

Does Responsive Design Overwhelm Its Features?

Of course, there is no perfect marketing method or design style, and responsive design is no exception. Responsive design has several drawbacks:

Not all websites look great on all devices

Depending on the device you are using, you may want to offer different things to different users. This is a bit tricky on responsive websites.

It can be difficult to create a responsive website that is unique and accurate to your branding. Appkey helps you build responsive websites at an affordable price and you won’t have to wait long.

In addition, with a trusted programmer, your company’s website will be attractive and you will be able to find the right customers to sell your products.

Develop a Responsive Design For Your Website

Responsive web design has many elements. Without a basic understanding of HTML and CSS, it’s easy to make mistakes. However, Appkey helps you analyze and test your samples using web development tools while using the sample code. This ensures that your website is responsive without major issues.

Responsive Web makes your target market easily accessible through any device. It also saves time and money if you create many websites with only one device you can access. Responsive design is an important part of modern web strategies and should be part of your marketing strategy.

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7 Apps For Building Android Apps

Android Apps

Applications that build Android applications are now strongly demanded by IT professionals to build offline Android applications without the use of the Internet. Android applications have been very helpful to many people in different disciplines. Different types can be used for different needs, from entertainment to business.

To date, Android applications are the most widely used applications in the global community. Although Android applications have many drawbacks, they are one of the applications that have many enthusiasts and are the most widely used compared to applications on other operating systems.

Some people think that building an Android application is very difficult and can only be done by an expert, but it’s basically true, but not entirely true. Amateurs in the programming world are not necessarily bad at creating Android applications.

In fact, Android applications can be created online or offline. However, this article will show you how to use it to create an Android application that can be used offline. Here are some applications you can use to create Android applications offline:

Aplikasi Android Studio

Android Studio is one of the Android application building applications used for application development on Android. Android Studio is very useful for developing Android applications. Android Studio has many features that can help speed up the development process.

Android Studio is the official Google integrated development environment or IDE designed specifically for Android development. Android Studio is one of the most widely used tools in the development process.

Android Studio helps you quickly edit code, debug, and test your app. Various existing features help developers create high quality applications. Here are some of the benefits of Android Studio:

Instant run

Instant run is arguably one of the most important and important features. This feature speeds up the application development process. Instant Run allows you to push code changes without creating a new APK

Intelligence Code Editor

This feature is very useful for writing better, faster, and more concise code. The smart code editor feature helps developers analyze their code and provide code suggestions in the form of drop-down lists for use in autocomplete systems.

Fast and Feature-rich Emulator

Android Studio provides an emulator that works fine. With this feature in Android Studio, you can quickly test a variety of Android devices such as mobile devices, tablets and smart TVs. You can also simulate various features of your application. B. GPS position tracking, motion sensor, etc.

Layout Editor

The layout editor can support the layout creation process quickly and efficiently. This feature allows you to easily drag UI elements into the Visual Theme Editor without having to manually create the XML layout. This feature is very useful not only for Android devices, but also for showing how your design will look on different screen size versions.

Eclipse app

Eclipse is one of the applications for building Android applications. Eclipse was originally developed by IBM to replace the IBM Visualage for Java 4.0 software. Eclipse was introduced by IBM on November 5, 2001.

Eclipse is an integrated development environment or IDE. The main function of Eclipse is to develop Java applications, but now you can use Eclipse to develop applications in programming languages ​​via media plugins.

In addition, you can use this Eclipse software to develop Android applications. This requires additional developer tools such as Eclipse Java JDT for Java and Scala. Eclipse CDT for C / C ++, Eclipse PDT for PHP, upcoming Eclipse ADT for Android and more. Below are some properties of Eclipse.


The main advantage of Java is that it runs on almost any platform / computer operating system and can be run anywhere with a single write. With this advantage, all you need to do is program to create a Java program, which is compiled or translated from a human-understandable language into machine language, and the results run on multiple platforms without modification.


While Eclipse was developed using the Java programming language, Eclipse supports the development of programming language-based applications such as c / C ++, Cobol, Python, Peri, and PHP.


As an IDE for application development. Eclipse can be used for software development cycle activities such as documentation, software testing, and web development.

Apache Cordova app

The next offline Android application is Apache Cordova. Apache Cordova actually started with PhoneGap and the project was handed over to Apache Software. Well, apart from programming languages ​​that can use multiple programming languages, there are also the main advantages of Apache Cordova.

Apache Cordova has a multi-platform system that allows you to create mobile applications, which can generally be used or installed on multiple operating systems, including Apple’s iOS, Windows Phone’s Windows, and SmartPhone’s Android. Apache Cordova provides developers with some interesting features such as:


You can build mobile-based applications on multiple types of smartphone operating systems, but many application developers don’t have this feature, but Apache Cordova has multi-platform features. If you use Apache Cordova to create an application for Android, you might think that the application runs only on Android. However, its multi-platform capabilities allow applications to run on any operating system. Apache Cordova’s capabilities make it easy to build an application without having to worry about whether the application you are building supports an operating system.

Programming languages ​​HTML, CSS3, Javascript

If you’re using Android Studio, you don’t need to learn other programming languages ​​individually because you’re using a JavaScript programming language, but libraries are generally different from JavaScript, so you need to learn a programming language. I have. Use Android applications well.

Easy display setup

Apache Cordova makes it easier to customize the look and feel of your built application. Apache Cordova has CSS3 and an HTML programming language, so you can easily set images and icons. However, Apache Cordova also has some drawbacks, including:

  • The application you create can be reverse engineered. That is, the application you create can be edited by the user of the application.
  • Plugins are being developed by various contributors and may be discontinued.
  • The documentation for Apache Cordova applications is so sparse that it is difficult for developers to create documentation.
  • Hybrid apps can run longer than other native apps.

Adobe Flash application

Adobe Flash was originally known as Macromedia Flash. Adobe Flash is computer software and is the flagship product of Adobe Systems. Adobe Flash is used to create animated images and vector graphics.

The file generated by this application is a SWF file and can be played in a web browser with Adobe Flash Player installed. Flash is one of the programs used to create reliable animations compared to other programs due to the small file size of the animation results.

In fact, the main features of this Adobe Flash application are vector drawing and animation. However, after being acquired by Adobe System in December 2005, the application has been renamed and can also serve as an offline Android application building application for media creation and Android OS application development.

Unity app

Previously, the application used to create the Android application Unity was only available on MacOS, but since this application is already widely used on other types of operating systems such as Linux, Unity applications are multi-platform. Converted to software. The window is used.

In fact, Unity is a game engine because it acts as both the application and the software used to create and develop game-based applications in both 2D and 3D.

NetBeans app

NetBeans is an IDE used to develop applications using the Java C ++ programming language. PHP etc. The

NetBeans Application IDE is open source. Earlier, when I first learned Java, I used the IDE to develop desktop-based Java applications. Released by a well-known company, net Beans is an Oracle company. If you want to use the IDE, you need to install the JDK and JRE.

As with Eclipse and Android Studio, you can develop Android applications in the NetBeans IDE using the Java programming language.

If you want to learn and use NetBeans, you can download the application from the official NetBeans website.

Xamarin app

The next application for building Android applications is Xamarin. This is an application that actually works so that you can create cross-platform applications (Android, iOS, and Windows Phone). Use the programming language, C ++.

Xamarin applications are developed using the Xamarin IDE, which provides the highest quality for native Android or iOS applications. Xamarin applications are suitable for use by anyone familiar with the basics of C ++ programming.

Web Coding Tips For Beginners

How To Become a Programmer

If you’re just starting to build a website, don’t worry. There are many ways and guides on the internet for creating websites. All you have to do is thoroughly careful and read the programming language guides and documentation you need for the website you want to build.

Basically, web coding is very easy. One of the most widely used programming languages ​​with simple web coding is HTML. Below are some simple web coding tips for those who are new to web coding.

Choose The Right Programming Language

There are many widely used programming languages ​​such as HTML, Python, JavaScript, SQL, PHP,Java, Swift, Ruby, Solidity and many other languages. Different types of programming require different skills and may require a different programming language than before.

If you’re interested in building a website, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are a must and a great language from the start. Are you also considering what you want to build, your website, or your application? If you’re programming a simple web, all you need is HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and SQL.

You can save time and effort by choosing the right language to learn and learn in the right order. For example, CSS is built on top of HTML, so don’t try to learn CSS before you learn HTML.

Stick to One Task At a Time

When learning coding, you may want to go in different directions and learn as much as you can. This can be confusing over time.

Select the quest or select a language to attack with everything you have. For example, you’re writing front-end code for your website, write it completely before moving on to anything that requires back-end code.

In addition, one task of choice must not exceed your abilities and abilities. For example, if you are a beginner but accept a high level programming job.

Start small and work upwards. It’s easy to fall into the trap of starting long before a project. Do not try to complete task 5 of the programming to-do list before completing items 1-4.

The switch from encoding heading tags in HTML to encoding mouse movements in JavaScript doesn’t happen overnight, but it does get there over time.

Practice More

No matter how good I am, I can’t stop practicing. If you practice making a lot of it, you will find it easier to code your own web. Coding is a skill that requires constant sharpening. In addition to the training, you can also participate in exercises in various programming languages. Now there are many free programming language courses you can take.

Ask For Help

Even the most experienced programmers need to seek help at some point. If you belong to a different programming team, make the most of a particular area of ​​code that they are good at, especially when you encounter problems or bugs.

Deadlocks can be quickly resolved with new eyes and new perspectives on problems. People learn faster with the feedback of mentors and peers. Use others as resources, whether online or face-to-face.

Of course, once you’ve mastered your web programming skills, don’t be afraid to help others when you need them.

Be Agile

One thing we certainly know is that technology is constantly changing. When that happens, the programming language of technology is constantly changing. Coding is a technology that is constantly changing with the advent of new programming languages.

This certainly applies to all techniques, no matter how good or bad. We thought cassette tapes are the best way to play a music, VCRs are the best way to watch movies, and foldable phones are easy to use to send text messages. maybe. Not so anymore.

It can be said that the day will come when no one will use Ruby because new and shiny ones have replaced Ruby. Not only will some languages ​​lose their popularity, but new programming languages ​​will be improved and it’s time to add them to your programming weapons.

As a programmer, developer, or anyone interested in the world of code, you never stop learning. Whether it’s a new process or a new codebase, if you want to keep up with it, you need to be agile, be prepared for new ideas, and be familiar with these changes.

Make Failure a Friend

Programmers fail and often fail. It’s not uncommon to see a set of codes that read red, red, red, and green. If all your programs run smoothly and error-free and you don’t have a website to update, you don’t even have to learn coding.

The code you write may be a little wrong, it may not work, or it may not be what you imagined. And that’s ok. In addition, how do you learn if you don’t fail along the way?

Calm Down and Activate The Code

Learning coding is an easy task, but these tips will prepare you for the future. You make mistakes and run into obstacles just like you learn for the first time, but in the end, you’re happy to learn the details of programming.

It’s an explanation of web coding tips you need to know. If you don’t master the basics, programming can be a daunting task. Therefore, you first need to understand the basics.

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Get to Know Web Developer Jobs and Their Duties

Web developer job

The need to develop web-based applications or websites continues to increase. Currently, in Indonesia, there are many startups or software houses that provide a place or place for every software developer. Web developer is one of the jobs to create software that can run with the help of internet media.

This time, we will discuss about web developers and what tasks must be done related to application projects. If we talk about the web, of course the end product is a web-based application that can run on various devices. Both on desktop, mobile, and tablet devices.

What is a web developer

A web developer is a programmer who has the main task of creating programs or applications for the World Wide Web (WWW) and can be run with internet media. A web developer certainly knows how to create an application display from 0 to the testing stage.

Of course every element, feature, and function of the program code must also be understood by every developer. This job is certainly not that simple, it requires special skills in understanding algorithms, data structures, and databases from web programming languages ​​to be able to create optimal web app products.

Web developer job

Next, we will enter the topic of discussion regarding the tasks of web developers related to web-based software development. Within the web developer itself, it is still divided into several sections with different tasks. The following is an explanation for each task performed.

1. Front end developer

Front end developers are people who are responsible for creating and managing the external appearance of the software that can be accessed by the user (client-side). The task of this team is to implement the results of the initial design of the application design that has been made by the web designer team, and will be translated into a programming language.

A front end developer is required to master these three programming languages, namely HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. These three things are the initial foundation in compiling the appearance of the website so that it can be read by the browser.

If you have mastered these three things, you can further develop your skills by learning frameworks which are very helpful in compiling software development frameworks more efficiently and structured.

For now, the framework that is most often used by developers is the javascript framework, including Angular.Js, Vue.Js, React.Js, Ember.Js, and many others. In addition, some companies also require programmers to master Ajax and JQuery.

A professional front end developer, must prioritize making user friendly applications. Where, for the appearance of the user interface and user experience, it is very important for your clients or customers.

2. Backend developer

If the front end dev is in charge of creating the front end of the application, a backend developer has a different task from the front end. A backend developer is someone who is responsible for designing, compiling, creating, and managing server, application, and database (server-side) requirements.

So, backend developers have the main task of developing applications from within, or dealing with information and data from users. If you are interested in this job, make sure you have critical thinking skills and have strong logic.

For a novice backend developer, it is mandatory to master the PHP programming language, and for database needs it is SQL. If you have a more complex project with many features built, of course it will be easy to use a framework.

For now, the most widely used PHP frameworks by developers are CI (CodeIgniter) and Laravel. Equally important, most companies also have special criteria, where every programmer is able to coordinate between development teams using version control software, for example GIT, SVN, or CVS.

In making this website-based application product, a backend dev is required to always use program code that is neatly arranged, can be well documented, and is clean code (no duplication or plagiarism elements).

3. Full stack developer

The third task of a web developer is a full stack developer, namely someone who is responsible for making website application products, both from the front end and backend side.

So full stack developers have more tasks than the two tasks above. Where the developer must be able to work multi-functionally. Most full stack developers, usually will work like backend developers, but also understand and are experts in front end developers.

So, this full stack job requires someone to understand various programming languages from HTML to python. In addition, they must also be able to write APIs for server needs, and use Javascript for client needs.

How to become a professional web developer

How to become a professional web developer

The following are some tips and how to become a web developer according to the job qualifications required by startups and software houses.

1. Have knowledge and ability in the IT field

A web developer must have knowledge and skills related to programming languages. In addition, he also has an interest in the development of the world of technology, information and communication.

2. Think critically and be able to solve problems optimally

Furthermore, a programmer is also required to think critically, and be able to provide optimal solutions. Because, the project needs of the client will be very complex and different – different. Therefore, professional developers must be able to seek and find various alternative solutions in order to solve problems appropriately and quickly.

3. Able to work in a team and be responsible

Next, the ability to work together as a team is also very much needed to become a web developer. Even though you have qualified individual skills, the end result of the product you develop will be very different if you work with a team.

In addition, the product release time will tend to be faster if it is done in a team with good coordination. A responsible attitude is also very much needed so that every individual has enthusiasm and improves work professionalism.

4. Can work multitasking

And finally, can do more than one job. Of course, if you work in a company, you are required to be able to do various tasks simultaneously. This can happen, if your company gets projects from customers in large numbers.

Additional tools that can be learned

To support your skills in web programming, we have several recommended tools to increase your skills and insights related to website development.

1. GitHub


One platform that is quite popular for programmers is Github. These tools allow any developer to modify the front end and backend of the website without affecting the original program code. The way it works is to split the code into two separate locations, and only edit the clone to review the changes online.

2. Adobe Color

Adobe Color

This tool really allows you to determine various color schemes that can be applied to the appearance of the website later. A front end dev must master the arrangement of appropriate color elements. There is a color wheel tool feature that is used to apply a HEX code color to a certain color pattern.

MySQL Definition, Functions and Complete MySQL History

Understanding MySQL

Computers are growing so rapidly marked by the many things in this world that are connected to computers. Many new devices have sprung up to support computer performance for the better. There are also so many database management tools today.

Database is a number of data that is processed using special software and packaged neatly on the computer. And one of the tools that can be used to process, store and obtain information on a database is MySQL.

For those of you who are familiar with computers, you must know very well about this tool. But for ordinary people, this tool may be so foreign. For this reason, this time I will discuss the meaning of MySQL, its history and functions plus its advantages and disadvantages.

Understanding MySQL

MySQL is a tool that is used specifically to process SQL (Structured Query Language). SQL is a language used to access relational data rows. The easy way is to access the language in the computer. Because SQL and MySQL are special in nature, only people who are in the IT world are familiar with this language.

If SQL is the language used to access data in the database, then MySQL is a tool or software or tools used to process SQL. SQL is the language, MySQL is the tool. What needs to be understood, MySQl is not the only tool that can process SQL. There are many other tools. Call it Microsoft Access. Both only differ in the way of using and processing the database.

There are several definitions of MySQL that can enrich your knowledge:

  • MySQL is classified as open source software with a General Public License (GPL) license. The GPL is a special license for software for GNU purposes. So it is not wrong if MySQL is widely used in this world. In addition, MySQL is also easy to use.
  • MySQL is a software with a SQL database management system (DBMS) that has the ability to be multithreaded, and multi-user. Even MySQL is able to manage systems with up to 40 databases, which can contain more than 10,000 tables and 500 of them have 7 million rows.
  • Wikipedia defines MySQL as SQL database management system software.

Until now, the owner of the MySQL license is a Swedish commercial company called MySQL Ab. The company was founded by David Axmark, Allan Larsson and Michael “Monty”.

MySQL History

The history of MySQL begins in 1979 when a computer programmer named Michael “Monty” Widenius developed a simple database system which he named UNIREG. At the time this research was conducted Monty was a worker at a company called TcX in Sweden. And it turns out, Monty’s development is getting good results.

In 1994, UNIREG was Used as a Web-Based Application Database

After a long period of development, in 1994 TcX started to develop a web-based application using UNIREG as its database system. Unfortunately, at that time the results were not satisfactory, UNIREG was not suitable to support dynamic databases such as the web.

TcX then tried another alternative by using the mSQL database system (miniSQL). Unfortunately, mSQL doesn’t even support indexing. As a result, mSQL has not very good performance.

Because of these two failures, Monty contacted David Hughes (mSQL programmer) to discuss whether he was interested in developing mSQL in conjunction with UNIREG ISAM to support indexing. Unfortunately, at the time Hughes refused. He wants to develop indexing technology for mSQL version 2.

1995, MySQL Released

From this rejection, TcX, in which there was Monty, developed the concept of a new database system. He developed the UNIREG and mSQL combined database system. So in 1995, a new RDBMS was born which was later named MySQL. Also in 1995, the name TcX no longer existed because it had changed to MySQL AB. AB is the abbreviation for Aktiebolag or the term PT (Limited company) in Sweden.

At the suggestion of David Axmark from Detron HB who is a partner of TcX, he suggested that MySQL be released for free to the public. To support the company’s income, a strategy of selling “support” services is carried out for companies that want to implement MySQL.

MySQL Functions

For those who are used to using SQL, they know very well what MYSQL functions. In general, MYSQL has functions to create, manage and access databases in a structured and automated manner. MySQL’s most prominent ability lies in its ability to manage string data (text based) which can be accessed privately or publicly on a web.

Certainly, almost all web server providers or hosts provide MySQL facilities for web developers to manage databases on their websites. In the web world, the interface or My SQL interface is called phpMyAdmin. Some examples of the use of MySQL can even be found in E-Commerce, Blogs or CMS.

Capabilities of MySQL

As I said earlier, that MySQL is not the only tool for processing SQL. But MySQL is chosen by many users because it has certain features or capabilities.

One of the most notable is MySQl’s multi-platform, GPL-licensed capabilities. That means MySQL can be used by almost all computer OS. Moreover, MySQL’s performance is also quite high in processing queries.

Some other features in MySQL for example:

  • Floats,
  • Double,
  • Charts,
  • Date and others

What’s more, MySQL also supports the use of fields in the form of indexes and has a fairly good level of security.

MySQL Advantages and Disadvantages

MySQL has several advantages that make it widely used by users. Among them:

  • MySQL supports various OS such as Windows, Mac Os X Server, Solaris, Linux, FreeBSD, Amiga, and others.
  • Open Source, so MySQL can be used for free.
  • MySQL can be used by many users at the same time.
  • MySQL has more SQL speed per unit time.
  • MySQL has a variety of application interfaces with API (Application Programming Interface) functions.

Even so, that does not mean that MySQL is without flaws. Some of the shortcomings of MySQL, for example: MYSQL does not support programming language connections and the data that can be handled is not so large and does not support the widowing function.

Difference Between Web Developer, Web Designer and WebMaster

Do you know what a Web Developer, Web Designer and WebMaster are? They are both related to a web, but please note that Web Developers, Web Designers and WebMasters are DIFFERENT! The meaning alone is different, let alone the task, isn’t it.. But there are still many people who think that Web Developer, Web Designer and WebMaster are the same. That’s wrong though. Instead of being confused about the difference between Web Developer, Web Designer and WebMaster.

Let’s discuss the differences between Web Developer, Web Designer and WebMaster

Web Developer

Web Developer

A web developer is someone who deals with the creation of a website. A Web Developer creates web-based applications using programming languages. The task of the Web Developer is to be the liaison of all the resources needed for website creation. Among others, such as creating databases, managing domains, creating dynamic web displays, and many more tasks from a Web Developer. Their task will end if the website created is ready for use and there are no problems using the website.

In making web-based applications, a programming language is needed that must be thoroughly understood by Web Developers, such as JavaScript, PHP, ASP, Python, Java, MySQL, and others. Because they have been confused with complicated programming languages, it can be said that a Web Developer doesn’t think much about the appearance of the website. Not thinking about the appearance of the website does not mean the resulting display is messy, yes, they will only make the website look dynamic. Then what about website design? Isn’t a website that is comfortable to look at also needed to make visitors feel at home on your website? To design the web to be more beautiful and comfortable is the task of the Web Designer.

Web Designer

Web Designer

Then what about website design? Isn’t a website that is comfortable to look at also needed to make visitors feel at home on your website? To design the web to be more beautiful and comfortable is the task of the Web Designer. Yes, this is where the task of the web designer begins. A web designer is someone who works with the visual elements of a website. They are in charge of beautifying the appearance of web pages.

Web designers often work with visual images, color, animation, video, and more to multimedia. They are more familiar with Client Side Scripting such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Web designers will usually beautify the appearance of the website by manipulating the usual image that has been edited first using Adobe PhotoShop, CorelDraw, etc. If the appearance of your website is still not attractive, you can ask for help from a web designer.


WebMaster here serves as both as above. In addition, the WebMaster is also tasked with maintaining the web applications that are used. WebMaster’s tasks may be more and still long, yes, than Web Developers and Web Designers. They are the ones who will later manage the website, keeping the website always accessible or not down. And it’s possible if a WebMaster is also in charge of taking care of SEO, website content, to marketing the website. WebMaster will also manage the work of web developers and web designers, to test the usability of the web applications created.

In conclusion, Web Developer refers more to the logical ability to manage web-based applications, Web Designer refers more to artistic ability and creativity to beautify web pages, while WebMaster refers to logical, artistic abilities, and experience in dealing with common problems that exist in the web world.

5 Programming Languages in Website Development

Learning development pages can take a lot of time until you really understand it well. Before considering spending a lot of time, energy and money studying formally why not just learn the programming language?

5 Programming Languages ​​For Website Development


Before computerized marketing mushroomed as it is today, the term PHP had already gained global fame. PHP is a programming language that was born in 1994. Even though he is not young anymore, PHP is still used by many companies ranging from small to large-scale companies.

One of the reasons PHP is still popular is because its configuration methods are so flexible. PHP also supports a variety of website servers which means users can choose according to their needs. If it is inappropriate for website server A, it means that you can choose and apply website server B or others.


When working with a Jakarta computerization agency, they may introduce you to Java. What is Java and when was this programming language born? Java was first present since 1990 and adapts various orientations, one of which is open object oriented.

Java has many advantages, one of which is building desktop applications. Of the many programming languages, learning Java is a great start to building pages.


Building a page is not easy because it requires a lot of formulas and programs in it. When looking for a programming language, most people will remember Ruby.

Ruby is a programming language with a simple syntax structure. Internationally, the use of Ruby in the digitalization arena is quite high, especially to support third-party company technology. Not only does it offer a simple syntax, Ruby also carries an open source concept that makes it really user friendly.


Experts are used to implementing and processing high-level programming languages ​​to meet the computerized marketing needs of a company website. In contrast to the average beginner who uses HTML and CSS as the main programming language.

Why? Both programming languages ​​do not require much time and skill to master. The sections or attributes of HTML and CSS are also really simple but really useful for page development.


Except for Java, people also know JavaScript. JavaScript is a programming language that we can almost always get in a browser or page. The implementation of JavaScript is right on target to visually increase the attractiveness of games, mobile applications and pages.

Its multi-tasking performance makes companies interested in using it in various web-based programming projects. Another plus, JavaScript tends to apply less memory resources so it doesn’t increase the company’s budget.

Learning programming languages ​​is one of the technical practices that companies should go through when it comes to maximizing websites. Without understanding the programming language, it will be difficult for companies to work on development pages according to the nature and provisions of user-friendliness.